Transformational Consumer Insights | Training
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We love what we do. We’d be honored to share our skills with your team.

In-house Training and Coaching

We’ll bring a consumer research and insights expert to your office for a day, a week, or a custom timeline. We can:

  • Teach courses on user research methodologies
  • Help you kick-start a new project and create research project roadmaps
  • Get your team excited about the value of user research and design thinking


Join us for half- or full-day workshops on:

  • How to Use Consumer Research to Drive Marketing Results
  • How to Develop Customer Personas
  • How to Develop Customer Journey Maps
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Consumer Research Basics for Marketers
  • Consumer Research Basics for Executives
  • Consumer Research Basics for Product Teams

  • Meet the Transformational Consumer
  • Transformational Consumer Trends
  • Behavior Change Basics
  • How to Create Content People Care About
  • Product and Engagement Brainstorming
  • Custom Go-To-Market/Launch and Customer Insights Workshops for Product, Marketing and Cross-Disciplinary Teams

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