Transformational Consumer Insights | What We Do
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What We Do

We create marketing, content, and product strategies, based on deep, human insights.
Marketing Strategy

  • Go-to-Market Strategy and CMO as a service consulting
  • Growth marketing: user acquisition, product marketing, and PR/communications
  • Engagement marketing: content marketing, email, blog, content distribution, social media
  • Brand love and customer loyalty programs
  • Brand strategy, messaging, positioning and competitive depositioning

Content Strategy

  • Strategic storytelling for your company and your customers
  • Recurring message pillars, editorial franchises and optimized keywords
  • Content programs aligned to company objectives and resources
  • Content syndication and distribution strategy
  • Thought leadership and manifesto marketing

Consumer Research

  • Consumer journey mapping
  • Persona and typing tool development; Audience identification and sizing
  • Rapid prototyping and concept testing for product and marketing feedback
  • Product usability studies, benchmarking and competitive analyses
  • Engagement audits: surfacing opportunities to increase app DAU, WAU, and MAU

We deliver strategic recommendations that answer real business questions like:

  • What marketing strategies will drive user acquisition and company growth?
  • How do we increase engagement and decrease churn?
  • How do we drive customer loyalty and get them to read our content?
  • What should our content program look like? How can we make sure it drives the most important KPIs of our business?
  • Where can we reach our audiences?
  • What content will my customers care about and engage with?
  • How do X kinds of people experience Y life/work issue, problem or season?

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